Nacht Der Untoten Edit

Introduction Edit


Nacht Der Untoten was the first released Nazi Zombie Map.You start with a M1911 with 40 bullets and 2 stielhandgranate as well as your trusty knife and 500 points.It's a modified version of a buliding in airfield. It was purely a prototype, later extended by Verrukt.

Features Edit


Nacht Der Untoten featured 4 unlockables in total. 2 couches, 1 cabinet and a door. In the starting room there is a Kar98k and a M1A1 Carbine. In the Help Room there is a a random box where you can get different random weapons, a Double Barreled Shotgun and a Thompson. Upstairs grants you access to the Trench Gun and the Sawn-Off Double Barreled Shotgun and the trusty sniper cabinet. It will give you a scoped Kar98k that is very good up between the middle to late teen rounds.

Doors Edit


From the starting off room,you have to ways to can go into the help room on the same level through a door worth 1000. Alternatively you can lift the couch which is also 1000 points. Either way you go there is another couch which is another 1000 points.