The Juggernog Machine Edit

The Juggernog perk gives you extra health. It is a 'must' for any person wanting to get to high rounds. The Juggernog machine spawns in one of the huts on Shi No Numa and costs 2500 points. The Juggernog machine is red and white, so it's not very hard to miss. On Verruckt, it is located downstairs on the left hand side of the Asylum. The perk gives the same health boost on both maps. it is speculated that it makes you knife harder, but that is false information.

The Juggernog machine on Shi No Numa

Trivia Edit

  • The price on the machine changed in Verruckt and Shi No Numa. On Verruckt it said the price was 25 cents whilst in Shi No Numa the price on is 2500 cents.
  • On Shi No Numa, if you play as Tank Dempsey and buy this perk, he will shout "Damn! I wish I could meet the chick who sang that jingle"
  • The machine states the drink is made from "Real eggs"